Let’s set the record straight…

Green is rewriting history – one of his favorite pastimes.
To set the record straight:
1- Mt Airy Sports Complex- now known as the Kristi Babcock Memorial Park – was built and developed by my administration on land that was vacant for years.
2- Plum Point Park on the Hudson River was built and developed by my administration. It was damaged -and still remains damaged -by Green when he was drilling for water under the river – probably the craziest area he drilled for municipal water.
3- The New Windsor Police Department’s New York State certification was obtained during my administration. The certification enabled the town to lower insurance premiums for liability.
4- The New Windsor summer concert series at town hall was begun during my administration.
5- The community center at the town hall complex in the building housing the Ambulance Corp was built during my administration and was intended to be used by the town’s senior citizens club.
6- The Stewart Airport property owned by the town was acquired during my administration. The property was intended to provide revenue for the town for many years into the future. Green has mismanaged this property and made some questionable land deals regarding this asset. He may soon be called to account for his actions regarding those land deals,

These facts are all verifiable with little effort.
What Green has done is waste millions of taxpayers dollars on this water folly and provided unacceptable municipal water that was also deemed contaminated- supported overdevelopment- created a traffic mess throughout the town. That leadership he keeps referring to needs to start by showing up to work and earning your paycheck.

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