Democratic Process Questioned

Recently, one of the current Town Council members, has been going door to door leaving behind literature attacking myself, as well as George Meyers.

These accusations are both outrageous and completely inaccurate. Below is my full response and also the excerpts of his letter directed at me so the voters can decide for themselves.

The council person is accusing me of exploiting vague voting laws, as well as voter intimidation and fraud due to me heavily winning the districts that voted at Vails Gate Firehouse. Perhaps they should have considered I am a 35 year member of the Vails Gate Fire Department, as well as born and raised in New Windsor and that people simply voted for me instead of him before making baseless accusations.

I am more than happy to meet any of the them for a debate at the time and place of their choosing to discuss the issues important to the voters of New Windsor.

If any New Windsor voters have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at 845-629-1478 anytime. I’m happy to discuss any important issues with residents as a candidate, and if elected I will continue to always be available for New Windsor residents.

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