In Favor of Bipartisan Ticket

In Favor of Bipartisan Ticket

On November 5th I will be casting my vote for the Bipartisan Slate of Meyers, Bedetti, Santiago, and Allegra to bring integrity, service, and trust back to New Windsor. I join the many Rock Tavern residents who are outraged by the irresponsible development along Route 207 which will further compound traffic congestion and safety issues. Our quality of life has been compromised in favor of building warehouses in our residential neighborhoods and on wetlands. We deserve better from our elected officials who have ignored our letters and attendance to various public meetings.

In addition want to share my displeasure that my tax dollars are being misused to employ an Assistant to the Supervisor for a salary and benefits of nearly $100,000! This position was previously filled by Chief of Staff Colin Schmitt. Why didn’t the taxpayers have a say in this? Isn’t this their responsibility as elected officials to do their jobs?

As a Republican I believe our local politicians have lost sight of the people they are entrusted to serve. We must elect public servants to represent and protect the future of all of New Windsor residents. Sylvia Santiago, Kelly Allegra, George Meyers, and Stephen Bedetti demonstrate leadership . They listen, research and try to stand up to a government who is unresponsive and disrespectful to the very residents who have elected them. I will not make this mistake again and I fully support the slate of change, character, and fiscal responsibility. Vote 4NewWindsor!

Lisa Lawrence
Rock Tavern

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