Santiago Works Towards Resolutions

Letter to the Editor

Elect Sylvia Santiago to New Town Council

Dear Editor,

Voters should elect Sylvia Santiago to the New Windsor Town Council. As an advocate for our entire community, Sylvia has immersed herself into our local organizations which include Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, New Windsor Girls Softball Secretary, President of the “Friends of Newburgh Crew” and she is currently a board member for Newburgh Board of Education. I am impressed by Sylvia’s ability to remain unbiased and worked towards resolutions to achieve targeted results. As a professional, Sylvia has worked as a financial controller for over twenty years. Sylvia’s background in managing finances and many other aspects her company will bring expertise to our Town Council regarding finances, information systems and contract negotiations.

I have known Sylvia for 17 years as a neighbor, a fellow parent volunteer, NFA Crew Team advocates and friend. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her dedication to what ever she sets her sights on is steadfast. She will be an excellent addition to the New Windsor Town Council. Please vote for Sylvia Santiago.

Keith Schafer
New Windsor Resident
NFA Math Teacher

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