New Windsor Muddle

Letter to the Editor : New Windsor Concerns

In a recent letter to the editor, Ingrid Mazzola wrote about the muddle in New Windsor and I support her comments.

Ms. Mazzola questioned why a Town of nearly 27,000 requires TWO individuals to fill in for the current long absent Supervisor. Ms. Mullarkey is the Deputy Supervisor and if competent why are we paying a second individual as Chief of Staff and Assistant to the Supervisor at a salary of nearly $100,000. To make matters worse this individual resides in Cornwall and is currently running for a position on their Town Council.

As a result of Ms. Mullarkey’s lack of involvement, George Green had free reign to create the water folly which produced wells pumping toxic water while he ignored professional warnings. Ms.Mullarkey ignored citizen complaints regarding overbuilding resulting in crowded roadways. She continues to support Mr. Green’s decision to provide 40-year tax abatements to apartment builder, Mandelbaum. She denied any knowledge of the Federal Grand Jury probe into New Windsor Town officials’ business practice at Stewart Airport.

Ms. Mazzola’s complaints regarding Ms. Mullarkey are not about her age but her lack of action to defend the community from the rigors of George Green’s erroneous government decisions.

It is time to consider alternate choices to determine the future of New Windsor. Candidate George Meyers has selected a competent team to do the job and fix the problems. Besides George Meyers for Supervisor, I am voting for Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk and Sylvia Santiago and Stephen A. Bedetti for Town Council.

Liz Kryston

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