Meyers, Allegra, Bedetti and Santiago Share the Same Vision

We Stand With Stephen!

Elect Stephen A. Bedetti Town of New Windsor Councilman

These are the ideas I will work to accomplish if I am elected to the New Windsor Town Board this Tuesday, November 5.

1 – I want to see New Windsor return to open Government, allow the residents to speak what is on their minds and to be taken seriously. I fully support making government accessible
to New Windsor residents in as many ways as possible.

2 – I want to see more citizen involvement. I will always be easily accessible and available for New Windsor residents to bring issues that they have to me.

3 – Address the water issues currently going on in New Windsor. Once in office I will be able to see the entire picture as to what has taken place up to this point so I can further investigate and perhaps implement changes.

4 – Look into current and proposed development projects currently in front of the town. See how the projects came about and who is actually involved in each project. I agree with a day 1 moratorium on apartment type projects until previously made zoning changes can be reviewed.

5 – Be part of a Bipartisan team in New Windsor, getting away from the one party rule.

Please elect Stephen A. Bedetti for Town Council in the general election on November 5, 2019. Find us all on Row A. Please share this post with other New Windsor voters!

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