Senator James Skoufis Endorses New Windsor Candidates, Sylvia Santiago and Kelly Allegra

I am proud to endorse two candidates who are representative of the new wave of talented women running for office in Orange County. In the Town of New Windsor, on November 5, 2019, I urge you to vote for Sylvia Santiago for Town Council and Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk. Both achieved significant careers and their volunteerism to the community paints a picture of their commitment to serve and assist others.

The Town of New Windsor is in desperate need of new leadership, the lack of transparency and accountability of the current administration is extremely troubling. With lots of uncertainty and mismanagement on issues like reckless overdevelopment and water contamination surrounding the Town government, it’s crucial that we elect people that have experience and will fight everyday to protect our taxpayers. On a local level, it’s not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about doing what’s right for the taxpayers of New Windsor.

I’m thrilled to recommend and heartily endorse Sylvia Santiago and Kelly Allegra as candidates for election in the Town of New Windsor. As a burgeoning community, residents need an educated and committed team to address the Town’s progress in the new decade. I urge you to support Sylvia Santiago for Town Council and Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk if New Windsor on Election Day .

James Skoufis
State Senator, 39th District

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