About Us

Dear Neighbors,

On November 5, 2019 we are asking you to cast your vote for the bipartisan team dedicated to working for all.

George J. Meyers for Town Supervisor

Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk

Stephen A. Bedetti for Town Council

Sylvia M. Santiago for Town Council   

When elected we will provide an open and transparent governmental process.

Our preliminary plan of action addresses the most pressing issues. These are based upon current and ongoing conditions in the Town of New Windsor not just from our own experiences but mostly from your comments that are very important to us.

  • Address the problem with the Town water created by the folly of the Butter Hill Wells.  Establish and execute a long-term plan to ensure safe and clean municipal water.
  • Stop the continuous and ongoing overdevelopment in New Windsor that has taken place over the past 12 years.   Correct the haphazard plan which disregards the issues of current residents, traffic, water and quality of life. 
  • Eliminate the Chief of Staff position that was created under the current administration which is now known as Assistant to the Supervisor.    In a town of this size, this is an unnecessary expense. And for the record no other town in Orange County has created either title.  By eliminating this position with an outrageous salary and medical benefits that exceed $100,000 per year we will be saving the town money.
  • Reinstate the Ethics Board (missing since George Meyers left office) to monitor and investigate matters relating to misconduct by elected officials and  town appointees.
  • Unlike what exists now, George Meyers will be in the Town Hall daily to do the required work of a full time Supervisor as he has always done.
  • Explore limiting the  amount of time Zoning and Planning Board members are permitted to serve thus creating opportunities for new members to be appointed.
  • Work to try and reduce cable and internet costs for residents by researching alternatives to the monopoly now held by Spectrum.
  • Stop sales of town owned land at Stewart Airport.  The sales of theses valuable parcels eliminate the long-term leasing opportunity which would provide income for the Town of New Windsor for decades.  When the Meyers’ administration obtained the land for one dollar it was never intended to be sold off in parcels as it is being done now.  What is the reason for this fire sale at Stewart Airport?  An investigation of business practices relating to Stewart is clearly warranted.  It’s not coincidental that some town officials have been subpoenaed to testify regarding the sale of a parcel to a developer.   
  • Provide a fiscally conservative administration.  Consider when George Meyers was Town Supervisor for 12 years, taxes remained basically flat for his entire tenure.

When elected, we will bring our varied experiences in addition to the change, energy, dedication, and integrity needed to effectively manage the Town of New Windsor’s business .

We would like to thank you for your consideration and vote on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.


George Meyers, Kelly Allegra, Stephen Bedetti & Sylvia Santiago

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