Butter Hill Wells are Back November 5 !!!

Your toxic and contaminated town water will return to your house on Election Day. The Green Group thought you might have forgotten that it’s coming back. It is. The pictured temporary carbon filters didn’t work on the Newburgh water source. Why is the Green Team accepting what it will work here? And, the results will [...]

New Windsor Needs New Energy

In Support of Kelly Allegra and Sylvia Santiago Dear New Windsor Voters, The Town of New Windsor is truly in need of new leadership with elected officials who will represent the issues and desires of the whole Town not just themselves. Kelly Allegra and Sylvia Santiago, candidates for Town Clerk and Town Board are fresh [...]

New Windsor Muddle

Letter to the Editor : New Windsor Concerns In a recent letter to the editor, Ingrid Mazzola wrote about the muddle in New Windsor and I support her comments. Ms. Mazzola questioned why a Town of nearly 27,000 requires TWO individuals to fill in for the current long absent Supervisor. Ms. Mullarkey is the Deputy [...]

Green Team = Another Water Problem

The Green team is in front of another water problem in New Windsor. The beautiful lake front property of Beaver Dam Lake has no water. It's now overgrown with weeds and residents are very frustrated with the lack of support from the Town of New Windsor. It's time for change. Vote for the 4NewWindsor team [...]

Think, Then Act

Letter to the Editor Think, then act If you live somewhere in the towns of New Windsor, Newburgh, and Montgomery, how does it feel, to watch traffic build up on roads you travel every day, see woods and fields dug up for projects that will destroy the rural landscape, need services and more roads, read [...]

Santiago Works Towards Resolutions

Letter to the Editor Elect Sylvia Santiago to New Town Council Dear Editor, Voters should elect Sylvia Santiago to the New Windsor Town Council. As an advocate for our entire community, Sylvia has immersed herself into our local organizations which include Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, New Windsor Girls Softball Secretary, President [...]