Best for the Community

Letter to the Editor Bipartisan Slate in New Windsor New Windsor voters will have an opportunity to make a groundbreaking change on Election Day, November 5, 2019. For the first time in our history, a bipartisan slate of two Democrats and two Republicans are now a team labeled ‘4 New Windsor.’ Voters can select the [...]

In Favor of Bipartisan Ticket

In Favor of Bipartisan Ticket On November 5th I will be casting my vote for the Bipartisan Slate of Meyers, Bedetti, Santiago, and Allegra to bring integrity, service, and trust back to New Windsor. I join the many Rock Tavern residents who are outraged by the irresponsible development along Route 207 which will further compound [...]

Democratic Process Questioned

Recently, one of the current Town Council members, has been going door to door leaving behind literature attacking myself, as well as George Meyers. These accusations are both outrageous and completely inaccurate. Below is my full response and also the excerpts of his letter directed at me so the voters can decide for themselves. The [...]